One Hundred and Four Secrets

One hundred and FOUR secrets is a series of performative events, performances and actions realised together with young people. The project involves young people aged 16-25, who live in districts where no new forms of culture are available. Through the project the young are being seen and heard in their community. Their views of themselves and of society gets attention.

The performance directors help them in implementing their work by presenting ways performance art can perceive the world, and different modes of working with the artform. The young themselves decide content and form for their creations. The rule is, there are no rules!

The SECRETS of this year is a continuation of three previous years of activities: 100 secrets, One hundred and one secrets, One hundred and two secrets, One hundred and three secrets. So far activity has been carried out in eleven districts and about 25 actions have been created. You can access more information about those through the links below:


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