Art and evolution

Eskus assembles a network of artists and producers to communicate about artistic and performative questions related to evolution, non-humanness, interspecific issues and technology. The network supports encounters, peer learning and collegial sharing between artists from different fields, who use different approaches and means in their work. It creates possibilities for new contacts and forms of cooperation to be developed. In the long term this cooperation also enables the development of new artistic practices and brings forth new forms of art and new performance and exhibition practices.

The network first met at the Autumn school arranged at Eskus 3.-4.11.2018. Eskus also offered the project spaces for an artist recidency in December 2018 and January 2019. The network met again during the Spring school 5.-7.4.2019. The Spring school dealt with the relations between art, influencing and politics and participated in the climate march. The Summer school 29.-30.8.2020 dealt with forest themes.

When the next school will be arranged depends on the development of the corona pandemic.


taidejaevoluutio (at) or annamari.karjalainen (at)

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